Saving the environment can pay for itself, all that is needed is the will to try...


Street, park, festival, and public place drinks can crushers...

Make money from recycling!

Easy to use

  • Its childs play
  • It is easily emptied
  • Maximum security

Non-energy consuming

  • Manual mechanism
  • It always adapts to the envirtonment

More than 5,000 units working in Europe

  • Installed in Spain, Italy, Holland, belgium...
  • Demonstrated reliability and robustness in the street                                                         

Benefits and features

Recycling is good for our planet, we all know that, and thankfully most people are now aware of the needs to recycle. But in order to aid people wishing to recycle we need suitable bins in suitable public places, in schools, cinemas, cafeterias, on beaches, and shopping malls.

A can crusher uses no energy, it is a manual device with a handle to pull down, which can easily be pulled by a youth. Pop the can inside, pull the handle, and the can is crushed and stored - ready to be recycled.

But the secondary benefit for those purchasing a can crusher for their area, school or business, is that the recycled cans earn revenue, and the advertising space can be sold through ad agencies.

The capital cost of the can crusher can be recovered in a given time period, depending on where it sits and how much attention it attracts both from depositors of cans and passing consumers.



Low maintenance

A can crusher is very low on maintenance, you need only check to see if it is full every once in a while.

Unlocking and removing the plastic bag is simple, and takes no time at all.

A can collection point with a crush handle may contain almost three times as many cans as a regular collection point, meaning that you need not empty them so often.

You need no worry about organising the collection of the cans or of selling the advertising space, there are agencies that will do that for you.







 Low initial cost

Costs recovered from recycling

Costs recovered quickly from advertising revenue

Low maintenance

Easy to install and empty


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